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    The road to net zero
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    Auditor General presenting on good governance in the public sector at ICAEW webinar
  • Writing on paper
    Shining a light on the Welsh Government’s 2019-20 accounts
  • Image of Future Audit Arrangements for Community and Town Councils in Wales publication covers
    Future Audit Arrangements for Community and Town Councils in Wales
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    £8m of fraud and overpayments detected in Wales through National Fraud Initiative
  • It’s all in the data…
  • Public service leaders should give a higher priority to tackling fraud in Wales
  • Accounts qualified at a third of town and community councils
  • Unlawful spending at two councils exceeds £290,000
    Two councils have incurred unlawful expenditure of over £290,000, according to reports issued today (6 November 2019) by the Auditor General for Wa
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    Council overspending exhausts reserves
    Over a three-year period, Penmaenmawr Town Council spent more on the local community than it received in income.
  • Fewer households in fuel poverty but Welsh Government misses targets
    The Welsh Government has not met its targets for the eradication of fuel poverty though its actions do seem to have contributed to a reduction.
  • Public spending patterns since devolution ‘interesting and perhaps unexpected’
    In the first decade of devolution, total public spending per head in Wales grew at almost 4% a year in real terms.
  • Preparations in Wales for a ‘no-deal’ Brexit – an update
    Today, the Auditor General for Wales has written to the External Affairs & Additional Legislation Committee with his observations on the progre
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    Unlawful action at Town Council
    Connah’s Quay Town Council has incurred a cumulative deficit of over £234,000 in the operation of the Quay Café since 2011, according to a report i
  • Welsh public services could lose up to £1 billion a year to fraud
    The picture of counter-fraud arrangements in the Welsh public sector varies across Wales, but there is scope for greater collaboration and cross-ag