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NHS spending increases as two health boards breach financial duties again
Eleven of the twelve NHS bodies’ 2021-22 audited accounts have been published today showing a clear picture of increased spending and some irregular spending in year.
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    Audit Wales work placement opportunities
    Are you currently studying for an accredited finance or accountancy qualification and looking to gain some experience of working in the public sector external audit environment?
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    Concerted action is needed by NHS Wales to tackle the waiting times backlog for planned care
    It could take NHS Wales up to seven years or more to return waiting lists to pre-pandemic levels
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    Work is needed to realise the long-term benefits and track on-going costs of the new Curriculum for Wales
    The Welsh Government has worked well with the education profession to co-design the new curriculum, but it was initially developed without assessing its direct or opportunity costs.
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    We’re hiring for several new roles!
    We’re looking for a Change Project Manager, Senior Studio Co-ordinator, Senior Auditor – Performance, Law & Ethics Specialist (Information Officer) and Relief Auditor – Accounts.
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    Unscheduled Care system in Wales under huge pressure
    Many patients have an experience that falls below the level of quality they could reasonably expect
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    Direct Payments support people’s independence and are highly valued but there are opportunities to improve
    Inconsistencies are resulting in people receiving different standards of service.
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    Our audit focus continues to evolve to reflect how public services are responding to the challenges we face
    Auditor General and Chair of the Board outline priorities for the next 12 months at Audit Wales
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    Equality impact assessments – we want your views
    In an ever more complex world, public services face a growing challenge to understand how their decisions and actions impact on different groups. 
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    We’re seeking views on the Auditor General’s Work Programme
    Help shape our audits
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    Audit Wales Apprenticeship Programme is open for applications!
    Then the All Wales Public Sector Finance Apprenticeship Programme might be for you!
  • Adrian Crompton, Auditor General
    Auditor General discusses demographic changes and the impact on public services on BBC Wales Live
    Read more
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    “Not Just the Usual Suspects”: An Interview with Anne Collis
    How we understand and work to foster equality in our workplaces, communities and society at large is vitally important.
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    COVID-19 and Behaviour Change
    The COVID-19 Pandemic has required governments and the wider public to change their behaviour in both significant and small ways.
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    Apprenticeship Week 2022
    We’re excited to be celebrating Apprenticeship Week 2022
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    Financial Sustainability data tool
    Our new data tool, published today, enables users to compare financial data for each council, national park and fire and rescue authority in Wales