Commissioned work

Our key strength is our wide range of skills and knowledge that has arisen from our position as the the statutory external auditor of most of the Welsh public sector. A strength that makes us uniquely placed to help other organisations become more efficient and effective in delivering public services.

Through our work here in Wales and elsewhere we have gained a wealth of invaluable experience. This along with our approach to financial, governance and performance audit means we can offer a unique approach to other public bodies to help them improve. 

The commissioned work we undertake includes:

  • opinion audit work
  • value for money/project work 
  • governance review work 
  • supporting capacity building 
  • IT audit 
  • ad hoc projects and reviews 
  • grant and compliance audits 

To find out more about how Audit Wales can help your organisation please email 

We welcome telephone calls in Welsh and English. You can also write to us in either Welsh or English and we will respond in the language you have used. Corresponding in Welsh will not lead to a delay.