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We’re hiring for several new roles!
We’re looking for a Change Project Manager, Senior Studio Co-ordinator, Senior Auditor – Performance, Law & Ethics Specialist (Information Officer) and Relief Auditor – Accounts.
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    NHS spends an additional £501m dealing with COVID-19 midway through the year
    Our new data tool shows each NHS body’s additional spend due to the pandemic and their current financial positions
  • Anne-Louise Clark
    Anne-Louise Clark appointed Executive Director of Communications and Change for Audit Wales
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    Shining a light on the Welsh Government’s 2019-20 accounts
    The Auditor General’s new commentary draws out key information for the public and those responsible for scrutiny.
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    Preparations for the end of Brexit transition
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    Consequences for learners’ progress and school budgets if teachers’ absence from the classroom not managed well
    Action taken to improve support and respond to concerns around supply teacher pay but COVID-19 and curriculum changes present new challenges
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    We're looking for a Communications Officer
    We're looking for a highly creative Communications Officer to join our award winning team. We need someone who’s an excellent writer, has
  • Image of Future Audit Arrangements for Community and Town Councils in Wales publication covers
    Future Audit Arrangements for Community and Town Councils in Wales
    New report published 
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    Launch a career that counts
    Do you have an interest in how public money is spent? Do you want to help support the improvement of our public services?
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    Ambitious vision for Welsh Community Care Information System still a long way from being realised
    Implementation and roll-out is taking much longer and proving more costly than expected.
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    Powys Library Services during COVID-19 – what we’ve learned
    Our Good Practice Team recently interviewed Powys Library Services about how they have responded to lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic.  
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    £8m of fraud and overpayments detected in Wales through National Fraud Initiative
    Latest review uncovers extra £2.7m compared with previous round
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    Can Wales cope with the financial impact of the pandemic on local government?
    We’ve published three pieces of work around Local Government finances in Wales
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    Better Law Making: our latest think piece
    Drawing on its post-legislative examination of four significant laws, in conjunction with five very recent reports, Audit Wales considers some of t
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    COVID-19 has made Welsh NHS waiting list problems worse but has also created a unique opportunity to build a better planned care system
    Ten key opportunities identified for how the NHS in Wales can restart and reset planned care systems following the pandemic.  
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    New Wales Audit Office Chair confirmed
    The new Chair of the Wales Audit Office has been confirmed as Lindsay Foyster