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We’re hiring for several new roles!
We’re looking for a Change Project Manager, Senior Studio Co-ordinator, Senior Auditor – Performance, Law & Ethics Specialist (Information Officer) and Relief Auditor – Accounts.
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    All Wales Public Sector Finance Apprenticeship Programme webinar
    We recently took part in a live webinar with other members of the Finance Skills Development Group on the All Wales Public Sector Finance Apprenticeship Programme.
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    COVID-19: Making Sense of a Crisis
    As part of our discussions on Covid learning, we met with Professor Dave Snowden – co-author of the EU handbook on Managing Complexity (and chaos) In Times of Crisis, and Auriol Miller from the Institute of Welsh Affairs to discuss how public services have adapted to the pandemic.
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    Being an Apprentice at Audit Wales
    Interested in a career in finance and accountancy? Thinking of applying to the All Wales Public Sector Finance Apprenticeship Programme? Listen to our latest podcast episode…
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    Health Board makes good progress to address recommendations despite the pandemic, says joint report
    In November 2019 a Joint Review of Cwm Taf University Health Board by Healthcare Inspectorate Wales and Audit Wales found a number of fundamental weaknesses in the Health Board’s governance arrangements in respect of quality of care and patient safety and made 14 recommendations.
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    Applications for our Business Administration Apprenticeship Scheme are now open
    Are you looking to gain administration skills while training for a qualification in Business Administration?
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    Governance at the Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee has improved, but important action is needed in several areas
    The preparation of a recovery plan for specialist services following the pandemic is an immediate priority but there is also a need for a wider review of the current commissioning model.
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    All Wales Public Sector Finance Apprenticeship Programme
    Find out more about the new, exciting apprenticeship programme.
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    COVID-19 pandemic proved the value of local government in protecting people and communities
    Financial pressures have led to councils reducing spend and cutting services, but the pandemic has shown local government services are essential to keeping people safe and healthy. 
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    Welsh Government and NHS Shared Services responded well in challenging circumstances to source Personal Protective Equipment
    Working collaboratively, NHS Shared Services and other public services overcame early challenges to provide health and care bodies with the required PPE without running out of stock at a national level.
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    Would you like to work at Audit Wales?
    We’re looking for a Procurement Partner and an Audit and Risk Assurance Committee, Independent member.
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    Audit plays a critical role in the public sector now more than ever
    Auditor General outlines priorities for the next 12 months
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    The Test, Trace, Protect programme is making an important contribution to the management of COVID-19 in Wales
    Whilst the programme struggled to cope with earlier peaks in virus transmission, it has demonstrated an ability to rapidly learn and evolve in response to the challenges it has faced.
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    How are we managing the pandemic in Wales?
    We look at public services’ response to the challenges of Test, Trace, Protect, Personal Protective Equipment and Vaccinations. 
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    Sneaking in the Wellbeing: Mental Health and COVID-19
    Our latest podcast episode explores mental health as an important public health issue
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    Welsh Government in-sourcing of ICT services managed well, but full benefits not yet realised
    The in-sourcing project represented significant change after many years of out-sourced ICT and aligns well with the government’s wider ICT modernisation programme.