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A Picture of Higher and Further Education

This is part of a suite of summary reports looking at a picture of public services.

Following publication of the Picture of Public Services report we’re publishing a series of sector-specific summary reports.

This report summarises key information about higher and further education in Wales.

It explores capacity, performance, finances, and outlines some of the key issues or challenges.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented enormous challenges to public services and the people who deliver them. In higher and further education, staff and students have had to adapt to the challenges of online learning and face-to-face teaching in COVID-safe environments.

What we found

We found four key issues in higher and further education:

  1. Colleges and universities face financial pressures as a result of COVID-19 and pensions.
  2. Higher Education and Further Education face challenges in managing some of the ongoing consequences of Brexit. These include student numbers, replacing EU funding, and sustaining collaboration and exchanges.
  3. There are opportunities and challenges to manage around the reform of post-16 education.
  4. There remain challenges to manage the direct impacts of COVID-19 on learners.

Despite the significant challenges ahead, there are opportunities to rebuild and deliver services differently, learning from the collective response to COVID-19.

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