Loftus Village Association

Alison and Bron from Pobl Group have blogged for us ahead of our Building Resilient Communities event on the Loftus Village Association – an intentionally created community that they have been a part of from the beginning.  Come and join us at the event to find out more about the successes and challenges that this community, and Pobl, have had during their journey together.


Safer Newport – a local area focus plan

Ahead of our event ‘Working in partnership: Holding up the mirror’, Tracy McKim @Lady_McK from Newport City Council, tells us about the partnership between the Council and the Police following a crisis in the Pill area of Newport. Come along to our events in Cardiff and Llanrwst to see Tracy’s workshop where, along with Gwent Police, she will be discussing in more detail the partnership working to help improve this area of Newport.


A short history of the Food Group of the Wales Regional Centre for Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship

In September and November this year, we are working in partnership with Bangor University’s Sustainability Lab on the RCE Cymru event – ‘It’s good to share’, held in Bangor and Cardiff.


Faint o frys sydd i ymdrin â’ch argyfwng salwch difrifol ond annifrifol?

Wedi drysu? Does ryfedd! Mae brandio’r gwasanaethau y tu allan i oriau yn hunllef.

Dyma enwau eraill ar gyfer y gwasanaethau hyn:

  • gwasanaethau meddyg teulu y tu allan i oriau;
  • gwasanaethau gofal sylfaenol y tu allan i oriau; a
  • gwasanaethau gofal sylfaenol brys.

Beth bynnag y byddwch yn eu galw, maen nhw’n wasanaethau hollbwysig. Maen nhw’n darparu gofal sylfaenol brys pan fo meddygfeydd teulu wedi cau.



How urgent is your non-severe, serious illness emergency?

Confused? It's no wonder why. Out-of-hours services have a branding nightmare.

Other names for these services include:

  • GP out-of-hours services;
  • primary care out-of-hours services; and
  • urgent primary care services.

Whatever you call them, they are really important services. They provide urgent primary care during the time that GP surgeries are closed.



It’s good to talk – Universities joining forces to put the Well-being of Future Generations Act into practice

Part of the role of the Good Practice Exchange team is to build relationships with a wide range of organisations and to share some innovative or interesting knowledge. We have been working with the Higher Education Future Generations Group (HEFGG) for a few years now.  They are very keen to work collaboratively with the wider public services and want to share their knowledge they have gained to benefit public services and ultimately the people of Wales.