Mirror, mirror on the wall... Reflecting on good governance

Mirror, mirror on the wall... Reflecting on good governance

Working with the Centre for Public Scrutiny and Grant Thornton, the Good Practice Exchange Team ran a free event on Governance. The Seminar brought together the most up-to-date thinking and practice from across Wales and beyond.

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Walking away from this seminar, delegates had an understanding of how to take assurance that governance arrangements are working as effectively as they can. In particular, delegates gained an understanding of:

  • The importance of good governance
  • Implications of poor governance
  • How to obtain assurance that governance arrangements are sound; what to look for, and what to look out for!
  • Examples of different approaches to ensure better governance from public and private sector organisations

The seminar was aimed at public sector members, managers and officers; including:

  • Leaders
  • Cabinet Members
  • Audit Committee Chairs and Members
  • Scrutiny Chairs
  • Chief Internal Auditors
  • Chief Executives and Corporate Directors
  • Heads of Democratic Services
  • Board Secretaries
  • Board Members
  • Section 151 Officers

The seminar consisted of a showcase plenary session:

Presentation by Jessica Crowe, Centre for Public Scrutiny [PDF 1.1MB Opens in new window] 
What can we learn from Hackney, Doncaster, Mid-Staffs...?

Delegates had the choice of attending the following workshops:

  1. Presentation by Rebecca David-Knight, Centre for Public Scrutiny [PDF 781KB Opens in new window]
    The role governance can play in cultural change
  2. Presentation in South Wales by Gary Devlin, Grant Thornton [PDF1.45MB Opens in new window], and in North Wales, Omer Tauqir, Grant Thornton [PDF 1.34MB Opens in new window]
    Approaches to governance from further afield
  3. Presentation by Claer Lloyd-Jones, Claer Lloyd-Jones Ltd [PDF 173KB Opens in new window] 
    Seeking Assurance for Commissioned Service Delivery
  4. Presentation by David Richards, Welsh Government [PDF 1.1MB Opens in new window] Governance Monsters and Trolls (North Wales session only)
  5. Chris Bolton, Wales Audit Office
    It's all about asking the right questions! (South Wales session only - no presentation)
  6. Andrew Corbett-Nolan, Institute of Good Governance
    Lessons Learnt from NHS England (South Wales session only - no presentation)

When and Where

03 December 9am - 1pm SWALEC Stadium, Cardiff
03 December 2pm - 5pm SWALEC Stadium, Cardiff
11 December 9am - 1pm Glasdir Business Centre, Llanrwst, Conwy

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03 December 2014
11 December 2014
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