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Future proofing public services

This webinar will identify practical examples of services doing things differently to plan for the future and optimise benefits across public services in Wales. 

About this event

More about this event

This webinar will look at how we can recalibrate and think outside of our sector boundaries to achieve collective long-term change.We will discuss how strategic and operational decision makers must balance the needs of today with the needs of tomorrow. 

When public services make decisions today, the impact of many of those decisions will still be felt in 30 years’ time. Are you thinking about the unintended consequences?

If we continue to make decisions in the same way we always have, we will never see the change we need. 

Balancing the short term, immediate needs of individuals and communities against long-term goals is not easy. Public bodies are focused on providing services to meet the needs of people here and now, but the nature of demand is changing and the volume is rising.

Public services also face entrenched, intergenerational challenges, such as poverty, and the existential threat that is climate change, which necessitate concerted long-term action.

This webinar is aimed at:

  • heads of services;
  • strategic planners;
  • board members and non-executives;
  • corporate planners; and
  • corporate performance managers.

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