Saving Money Through Water Audits - South Wales Police

15 Aug 2013 - 12:00am

South Wales Police were provided with Welsh Water audits and undertook remedial actions at no cost. They have saved £10,000 per annum at South Wales Police HQ. South Wales Police's Headquarters is spread across 12 Acres and houses a diverse range of accommodation, from pre-war buildings to modern fit-for-purpose environments. The site uses an average of 13.5 million Litres of Water per annum at a cost of £38k.

Public sector organisations need to effectively monitor water consumption across their estates, particularly in a period of austerity, in order to control costs. Without such monitoring, understanding staff behaviour patterns and identifying any costly maintenance issues (such as leaks) is difficult.

Welsh Water provide free site assessments to all organisations with sites consuming more than four million litres of water per annum. The site assessment entailed an evaluation of water consumption, and a detailed survey of all site facilities such as toilets and kitchens.

The assessment then presented a schedule of remedial actions for water saving through addressing areas of uncontrolled flow loss. These were rated on a red, amber, and green basis dependant on their respective potential for efficiency. The red valued remedial actions are funded by Welsh Water. The remaining amber and green rated remedial actions were low cost maintenance tasks which South Wales Police progressed via their plumbing contractor.

Aqualogic (Welsh Water's contractor) undertook remedial actions including installing aerators and push taps, urinal control valves and dual flush controls to cisterns etc. They also undertake an assessment of water consumption against established benchmarks in order to identify potential underground leaks.

The Police Headquarters site has benefited from a £10k per annum reduction in the cost of water consumption through these remedial actions, with no cost outlay for the vast majority ofthem as they were funded by Welsh Water.

South Wales Police are now working with Welsh Water to undertake these surveys across all their larger sites in order to reap the benefit of cost savings through efficient use of water, especially as there is no capital requirement to progress as Welsh Water are funding the programme.

Name: Dan Ferris
Title/role: Estates Manager, Facilities
Organisation: South Wales Police
Telephone: 01656 305 943 / 07920 504 461

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