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Income Diversification for National Park Authorities in Wales
This report looks at the challenges facing National Park Authorities in pursuing new income streams which support the delivery of their statutory purpose.

National Park Authorities are facing significant budget challenges. Added to increasing demands and expectations, carrying out their key functions is difficult.

During 2022-2023, we published three reports on how Welsh National Park Authorities are diversifying their income streams to help deliver against their statutory purposes. This report takes a look at some of the key themes impacting the National Parks in Wales and how much Authorities are diversifying their income.

What we found

Our report found that none of the National Park Authorities has set out a strategy for income generation, and more is needed to be done to make it a priority.

We also found that all three Authorities are aware that ethical considerations are important when making decisions on new income streams, however, none of the National Park Authorities has set out their parameters for following these new income streams.

We’ve also published self-assessment checklists for Authorities to use to identify their strengths and weakness.

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