Forestry Commission Wales - Public Funding of Ffynone and Cilgwyn Woodlands

17 Aug 2010 - 10:00am

In summary, the main concerns were that there were serious failings in connection with the grant award to Calon such as: the awarding of a grant designed for community groups to a private company without community consultation prior to the grant award; much of the information provided to support the funding bid was knowingly misleading, misrepresentative and inaccurate; and the grant process lacked transparency.In response to these concerns we have examined whether the award of public funds by FCW to Calon was appropriate, impartial and in accordance with the agreed criteria.

We have concluded that the funding to Calon met the high-level grant scheme conditions,but the scheme criteria and procedures for reviewing applications were not sufficiently robust, increasing the risk that this significant public investment may not be safeguarded

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