Automatic computer power management - South Wales Police

1 Sep 2011 - 1:00am

South Wales Police installed software to automatically power down its computers after a specified period of inactivity. This initiative ensured that energy saving was achieved by reducing consumption. Computers turn to a 'low power state', and hence use less energy.

This project was carried out on the majority of South Wales Police's 4,000 computers. The only exemption was made with respect to the Custody units and Control Rooms so as not to compromise operational capability. Following a 60-minute period of inactivity (no keystrokes or mouse movements), each machine switches into a 'low power sleep' status, as opposed to the previous 'idle' status. The new software was tested for several weeks prior to its widespread launch. This was done so as to establish a standard baseline position against which to compare actual savings. This testing took place at three sites (varying in size), where smart metering data was available. The standard baseline and actual data from the live periods were compared. It resulted that the tested sites showed a significant reduction in energy consumption. Reductions registered in energy consumption with respect to computers were up to 70 per cent, whereas Smart Meter data revealed a 17 per cent decrease in total energy usage for the sites. Following the success of the pilot, the initiative was rolled out across the remainder of South Wales Police sites. This resulted in anticipated annual savings of up to 600 tonnes CO2 and £80,000 per annum. The capital cost was £39,000 and this will therefore be recovered well within one year.

Name: Dan Ferris
Title/role: Estates Manager - Facilities
Organisation: South Wales Police
Telephone: 01656 305 943

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