Auditor General publishes Improvement Assessment Letter and Annual Improvement report on Cardiff Council

4 Oct 2013 - 12:00am

The Auditor General for Wales has today published the Improvement Assessment letter and Annual Improvement Report on Cardiff Council.

The Improvement Assessment letter considers the audit and assessment work undertaken at the Council by the Wales Audit Office, and  whether Cardiff Council (the Council) has discharged its duties and met the requirements of the Local Government  Measure.

 Annual Improvement Reports are published for all 28 local authorities, which includes local councils, national parks, and fire and rescue services in Wales. The reports look at how well the organisations are planning for improvement and delivering their services.

The Auditor General has also drawn on the work of other relevant Welsh inspectorates, Estyn, and the Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales; as well as work undertaken on behalf of the Wales Audit Office when preparing the Annual Improvement report.