The NHS Central Energy Fund – Welsh Health Estates

3 Jun 2010 - 12:00am

The Central Energy Fund (CEF) was launched in 2005 and provided over £3 million of funding to the NHS in Wales to invest in low to medium cost energy efficiency initiatives and low carbon technologies. Over the three years ofthe programme, some 149 individual schemes were supported. Together these projects identified potential annual carbon savings of 13,400 tonnes.

The range of energy efficiency measures funded to date through the CEF have included:

  • installation of low energy external LED lighting in hospital car parks;
  • replacement burners on existing gas boiler plant to improve efficiency of boilers;
  • improvements to insulation to reduce energy losses;
  • installation of improved internal lighting controls such as light sensors and movement sensors together with more efficient lighting installations;
  • installation of highly efficient condensing boilers to replace existing inefficient boilers and helping to reduce both carbon emissions and costs;
  • installation of highly efficient variable speed drive pump motors.

Welsh Health Estates and the Carbon Trust in Wales have jointly commissioned a post-project evaluation of the CEF. That evaluation will contain further details ofthe overall benefits of the programme of work that the fund has supported.

Name: Eric Thomas
Title/Role: Director - Welsh Health Estates
Telephone: 029 20315500

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