National Fraud Initiative

The National Fraud Initiative (NFI) is a biennial data-matching exercise that helps detect and prevent fraud and overpayments from the public purse across the UK.

The NFI matches data across organisations and systems to help public bodies identify fraud and overpayments. Since its commencement in 1996, NFI exercises have resulted in the detection and prevention of more than £35.4 million of fraud and overpayments in Wales and £1.69 billion across the UK.

NFI 2016-17

The NFI 2016-17, resulted in the detection and prevention of overpayments worth £5.4 million in Wales.

Forty-eight Welsh public sector bodies took part in the exercise, including local authorities, police forces fire authorities, NHS bodies, the Welsh Government, the Wales Audit Office and some housing associations and Welsh government sponsored bodies.

The NFI programme is successful because of its participants, the more participants involved, the greater the amount of data that can be analysed for fraud and overpayments. 

NFI 2018-19

Data for NFI 2018-19 is due to be submitted by NFI participants in October 2018. The following documents set out the timetables and data specifications for the exercise. 

Download the NFI timetable for 2018-19 [PDF 51KB opens in new window]

Download the NFI Council Tax Single Person Discount 2018-19 Timetable [PDF 84KB opens in new window]

Code of data matching practice

The Code of Data Matching Practice of the Auditor General for Wales [PDF 608KB Opens in new window] was prepared to guide all those who take part in data-matching work.

How can my organisation get involved?

If you are interested and want to find out more please email