Welsh public services are facing the biggest financial challenge for a generation. The Efficiency guide is part of our contribution, supporting public services in responding to those challenges and achieve more with less.

Audit Scotland, the Northern Ireland Audit Office and the Wales Audit Office have drawn on our combined knowledge and experience to develop a good practice self-assessment tool on improving public sector efficiency. We intend for the tool to promote improvement and facilitate detailed review, reflection and self-assessment by audited bodies. We hope this can be a consistent tool to help you assess your own approach to efficiency during these challenging times.
The tool is in the form of a series of questions about good practice, organised under the three key elements:

  • priority-based budgeting and spending;
  • improving information on productivity, efficiency and outcomes; and
  • better collaboration and joint working.

We recommend that those responsible for leading efficiency and improvement work should consider assessing themselves against each question, and recording the results.