Governance: Supporting improvement across complex public service delivery

Governance: Supporting improvement across complex public service delivery

In partnership with the Welsh Government and ICAEW, we are holding a series of webinars to support public services in improving their approaches to governance.

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We recently published Discussion Paper: The governance challenges posed by indirectly provided, publicly funded services in Wales. The discussion paper acknowledges that governance is at the heart of public services.

It underpins how resources are managed, how decisions are made, how services are delivered and the impact they have, now and in the future. It also infuses how organisations are led and how they interact with the public.

Governance needs to be robust but it must also be proportionate. Well-governed organisations are dynamic and take well-managed risks; they are not stagnant and bureaucratic. 

This first webinar focused on collaborative and partnership approaches to governance. 

Who the webinar was for 

This seminar was aimed at the following public sector and third sector staff: 

  • welsh policymakers
  • public service practitioners
  • governance academics, as well as
  • those who oversee, provide and receive indirectly provided services that are funded with Welsh public money.

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26 April 2017
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