Business Improvement Approaches in the Public Sector in Wales (Saesneg yn unig)

2 Mai 2011 - 10:35yb

This report has been produced by the Lean Enterprise Research Centre (LERC) for the Welsh Assembly Government and Wales Audit Office and provides an analysis of the state of adoption of current business improvement (BI) approaches within Welsh public services. 

While the sample size is insufficient to draw robust generalised conclusions about the state of adoption of BI approaches in the Welsh public sector, several themes and trends have emerged, many of which are corroborated by other studies, LERC research experience and anecdotal observation. BI is relatively new in its application in the public sector – around 2 years old for many, though in areas such as healthcare, initiatives go back at least 5 years and around a decade in some specialised areas, particularly in central government linked functions. The current BI environment can be described as dynamic, as knowledge and experience is rapidly developing and becoming increasingly important in many organisations. 

Current levels of BI knowledge can be described as relatively superficial and the effectiveness of initiatives is certainly mixed, as is the sustainability of improvements. There is some confusion over the nature and application of BI and an increasing focus on cost cutting. 

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