Velindre NHS Trust Pay Modernisation Report 2011

6 Sep 2011 - 10:02am

This document has been prepared for the internal use of Velindre NHS Trust as part of work performed in accordance with statutory functions, the Code of Audit Practice and the Statement of Responsibilities issued by the Auditor General for Wales. 

Our overall conclusion is that while the Trust recognises the importance of job planning, the current approach is not yet sufficiently robust to ensure that the full benefits of the consultant contract are realised. We have come to this conclusion because: 

  • the Trust has established job planning processes for consultants although they are not yet sufficiently robust; 
  • working relationships between consultants and managers are good although the contract is not fully used to support modernisation; and 
  • consultants consider their facilities, such as secretarial support, office space and IT equipment, to be satisfactory.

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