Putting Energy into Performance Appraisals - South Wales Probation Service (former)

22 Aug 2013 - 12:00am

South Wales Probation Service (former) used staff performance appraisals to implement its Green Policy across the organisation. Divisions reduced mileage, increased recycling and reporting on their progress on implementing the Policy to the Board.

South Wales Probation Service was responsible for; protection ofthe public, reduction of reoffending, proper punishment of offenders, ensuring offender awareness ofthe effects of crime on victims and public, and rehabilitation of offenders.lt merged with the other Probation Services in Wales in 2010 to create the Wales Probation Trust. A former senior manager in the HR and Business Planning division of the Service provided information on using staff appraisals to implement a Green Policy.

Each year, the Service produced an Annual Business Plan, with a series of priorities and objectives for improvement. The Service chose to prepare a Green Policy as part of an Annual Business Plan. To successfully implement this Policy, the Service needed to ensure different divisions in the organisation prioritised the Policy. The Service decided to cascade the Policy as part of itsits divisional plans and in turn through performance appraisals. Appraisal schemes were seen as tools for improvement and a way of implementing high-level organisational objectives. Divisional Officers included the Green Policy in their Divisional Plans and then in their staffs performance appraisal objectives. In practice, this meant that divisions with high mileage developed their use of car sharing, for example. One manager asked staff to prepare a presentation on a specific aspect of the Green Policy, to increase their own awareness and share information with colleagues.

Each division collected the performance information from staff appraisals. They could then report to the Board on how the Green Policy was being progressed. The Board was impressed with their progress, which included a reduction in mileage and an increased level or recycling across the organisation.

Name: Paul Egan
Title/role: Development Officer
Organisation: One Voice Wales
Email: paul.egan@onevoicewales.org.uk
Telephone: 01269 595400

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