Primary Care Prescribing - Cwm Taf Health Board

1 Sep 2013 - 12:00am

Cwm Taf Health Board’s management of primary care prescribing is supported by a clear strategic vision and good leadership. Good progress has been made in securing financial savings from more rational prescribing, although high volumes of prescribing persist and there is scope to improve the quality of prescribing in key areas.

The Health Board has a well understood vision for medicines management that is driving integration across primary and secondary care. It closely monitors the primary care prescribing savings target and action plans, although the focus on financial savings should not be allowed to overshadow the equally important quality agenda. Managerial accountability for medicines management is clear and the targeting of the highest spending practices should produce increased return on investment. The Health Board has a well-established formulary and the integration of primary and secondary pharmacy is leading to improvements across the interface. The Health Board has a good record of making financial savings from more rational prescribing in primary care. However, scope exists to make additional savings and to critically review the prescribing of some specific drugs as part of a greater focus on quality and safety issues.

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