Powys Teaching Health Board Audit Report 2012

28 Mar 2013 - 8:59am

This report summarises my findings from the audit work I have undertaken at Powys Teaching Health Board (the Health Board) during 2012.

I have issued an unqualified opinion on the 2011-12 financial statements of the Health Board, and in doing so I have brought some issues to the attention of officers and the Audit Committee. These relate to formal signing of agreements with other NHS providers, accounting for the costs of retrospective continuing health care claims, and 
developments relating to the Annual Governance Statement.
In addition, I placed a substantive report on the Health Board’s financial statements alongside my audit opinion. My report draws attention to the additional funding received by the Health Board primarily to enable it to meet its financial targets. 

The Health Board achieved financial balance at the end of 2011-12, because of additional, non-recurring funding from the Welsh Government of £3.9 million received in March 2012. The additional funding received was a draw forward of funding from 2012-13 and will be returned by reducing the funding allocated to that year by an equal amount. 


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