Major Transport Projects

27 Jan 2011 - 9:00am

We examined whether recently completed major transport projects in Wales have met their objectives and were delivered to time and cost. We focused on the delivery of 18
major road and rail infrastructure projects in Wales completed since 2004, looking in detail at 10 projects. The Assembly Government has funded all, or at least most, of the cost of these projects as part of its Trunk Road Forward Programme or from its Transport Grant budget. 

Overall, we found that many projects have cost substantially more and taken longer to complete than expected, hampering the delivery of the Assembly Government’s wider
transport objectives. Exposure to higher than expected construction price inflation, budget constraints and reprogramming decisions have been significant, but not the only,
reasons why projects have cost more and taken longer to deliver than expected. The Assembly Government has, over time, strengthened its management of schemes
under its direct control and, during the past two years, has exercised greater control over local authority managed projects that it funds.


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