Heating Controls Project for Energy Efficiency - Cardiff Council

1 Sep 2011 - 12:00am

The Council's Energy team has launched a web-enabled heating control project in 70 schools to reduce energy usage and increase energy efficiency. This practice has proven to be highly effective.


In achieving energy efficiency, the Council reinstated optimised start and weather compensated control of heating and hot water systems. Monitoring and control functions, control overrides, and control failures can also be managed online by means of remote access. Benefits derived from this project are:

This facility has enabled schools to manage the operation oftheir relevant heating system with more ease.

  • Running costs have been minimised due to the fact that heating and hot water systems only operate when the building is occupied and heat is required.
  • The new controls have automatically reduced heating energy use in response to improvements in the thermal fabric of the buildings from capital work programmes, for instance, insulation works, replacement of windows and doors, or any renewals of thermal elements.
  • Carbon emissions have been reduced.

The Council has estimated the payback period to be between three and five years, and the capital cost for the project has been approximately £600,000 to date.

Name: David Mundow
Title/role: Energy Manager
Organisation: Cardiff Council
Email: dmundow@cardiff.gov.uk
Telephone: 029 2078 5446

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