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30 May 2014 - 3:16pm

Taff has been working with a software developer for some time, both on repairs management and more recently on Anti-Social Behaviour case management. The products were both developed in a collaborative way and shaped to fit their needs. Having achieved 98% ‘right first time’ on their repairs management, when an opportunity to take a small stake in the company came up, they decided to go for it. They then took their case management approach to dealing with ASB, and shaped the software to fit their needs.

The Case Management Approach

Taff’s approach when a case of ASB is reported, is complainant led and outcome focussed. They agree with the tenant at the start about what they want to achieve (and what’s possible); they categorise the seriousness of the complaint; agree frequency of communication; and measure satisfaction and whether they delivered what they agreed, once the case is closed. Details such as number of cases per officer, type of case/ severity, diversity, time taken to conclude the case etc. was previously held on a database, which enabled a level of management oversight and monitoring of performance. They used the database as the starting point for cloud-based case management, and then developed a more sophisticated product from there.


The software has enabled Taff to record all partner involvement in each case, and has added a workflow functionality. The workflow is geared and tailored to each type of case/ level of severity, and once initiated (via email, case update on mobile device or even SMS), will set off all the necessary triggers and alerts for the case officer to deal with the case.

The workflows help guarantee their service standards in terms of response times and specific actions. The software also provides instant real time reporting for managers, and sends alerts if tasks are overdue or incomplete, again ensuring customer service. It also produces instant ‘heat maps’, so managers and partners can see if there are clusters of different types of incident. For example, if hate crimes are becoming a problem in an area, joint working with Police and Equality organisations can be initiated or stepped up to prevent further incidents. Taff can also respond to increasing youth annoyance, for example, by diverting community development resources to the area. Trends and patterns over time also assist with strategic planning.

There is a dashboard reporting facility and every new report added to the library can be reused and dropped onto each user’s dashboard to create a custom view.  This enables further tailoring of the product as housing management requirements change, and ensures easy access for managers to high level information.

Taff currently use the product in-house only for departmental collaboration, but there is potential for partners to come on board very easily – the software is user ready and installation takes a matter of hours or days.

Since implementing the software, satisfaction with the outcomes of their ASB interventions has risen to 87%, as it is now extremely easy to keep the customer involved and up to date. By making the workflow so much more pro-active, officer time has been freed up to communicate better with customers.

Name: Elaine Ballard
Title/Role: Chief Executive
Tel: 02920259180

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