Isle of Anglesey County Council - Annual Improvement Report 2014

30 Jun 2014 - 9:15am

The report covers the Isle of Anglesey County Council’s (the Council) delivery and evaluation of services in relation to 2012-13, its planning of improvement for 2013-14 and, taking these into account, concludes whether the Auditor General believes that the Council will make arrangements to secure continuous improvement for 2014-15.

The Council made steady progress in delivering improvements in most of its priority areas for 2012-13 but further improvements are required in some key services. More thorough and consistent procedures and developing governance
arrangements have strengthened the Council’s ability to evaluate and improve services. If delivered effectively, the Council’s plans for improvement and its arrangements to support improvement should help it to meet the fi nancial and other challenges that lie ahead. The Council is likely to make arrangements to secure continuous improvement for 2014-15.

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