Voltage Optimisation Equipment at Llanelli Multi Storey Car Park - Carmarthenshire County Council

1 Sep 2011 - 12:00am

The Council had identified that electricity consumption could be reduced at their Llanelli Multi Storey Car Park. This identification emanated from a survey that was carried out during the first quarter of 2008.

In order to ensure the feasibility of the project, a detailed analysis ofthe site's equipment, electricity profile and voltage was undertaken. This analysis was complimented by a further survey carried out by a specialist voltage control equipment supplier.

The objective of decreased energy usage was achieved through the installation of voltage control equipment. (voltage optimisation is an electrical energy saving technique which is installed in series with the mains electricity supply to give an optimum supply voltage for the site's equipment. Most electrical equipment used in the UK is manufactured to European standards, designed for 220V and will operate effectively down to 200V. One of the reasons why voltage optimisation is so effective is that the average voltage supplied from the National Grid is 242V, whereas the nominal UK voltage is 230V).

Benefits derived from this measure have included:

  • Lower maintenance costs (through enhanced equipment life)
  • lmpro\/ed power factor
  • Improved quality of electricity supply
  • Reduced CO2 due to reduced electricity consumption

Annual energy savings of 15.5 per cent (37321 kWh) have been achieved through a voltage reduction of 9 per cent.The cost of the project, including the supply and installation of a 105kVA 'PowerPerfector' unit, was to £7,790. A local electrical contractor, who was already familiar with the site, was utilised for this project.

This initiative was financed by the Carmarthenshire County Council, through the utilisation of the Salix Energy Efficiency Loans Scheme. Moreover, a payback period of 1.7 years was achieved.

Name: Andrew Morris
Title/role: Principal Gateway Energy & Sustainability Officer
Organisation: Carmarthenshire County Council
EmaiI: acmorris@carmarthenshire.gov.uk
Telephone: 01267 228264

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