Upgrading Energy Rating Ceredigion County Council

1 Oct 2011 - 12:00am

The Council identified that Plascrug Primary School was being heated by various forms of electrical systems, which resulted in the original school campus having a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) rating of 'E'.

DEC ratings are based on actual energy usage ofa building. It uses a scale from A to G for energy efficiency, with A being the most efficient and G the least.

When developing a new extension to the school, the Council took various measures to ensure an 'A' Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating was achieved. The project was partly funded by the Welsh Government, whose conditions stipulated that the completed project should achieve an EPC rating of 'A'. The project was also funded by the Foundation Phase capital grant and Plascrug Primary School.

The development of the extension comprised of:

  • the removal of mobile classrooms and a large fibreglass structure, which were replaced by a two-storey extension comprising ofsix teaching spaces;
  • a new school hall;
  • a staff room;
  • offices;
  • water Closets;
  • a new remote boiler house.

Since the terms ofthe grant required that the whole campus was to achieve the EPC Rating of 'A', the following additional works were carried out to the existing older buildings:

  • installation of an 'A'-rated new gas condensing boiler, incorporating zone heating controls, delayed start
  • thermostats, as well as load weather compensator;
  • 2okWp Photo Voltaic array (estimated to generate an income of £478 per month through feed-in tariffs);
  • installation of an additional 3oomm of insulation to existing loft spaces;
  • energy sub-metering to all incoming services;
  • replacement of all existing light fittings with high efficiencyl frequency fluorescent units, complete with microwave-sensitive control units;
  • air sealing works to the existing structure.

Benefits derived from this project include:

  • an annual saving of 44,0ookg of CO2.
  • Improved quality of teaching facilities.
  • Improved quality and extent of external spaces available to the school.
  • A higher level of awareness (brought about by the photovoltaic arrays and the digital display information panel). The utilisation of these technologies has also helped pupils, parents and staff to appreciate their benefits.

The Council has estimated the payback period to be 17.72 years, and the capital cost for the project was £271,582.

Name: Allan Bailey
Title/role: Principal Architect - Property Management and Projects Group
Organisation: Ceredigion County Council, Plascrug Primary School
Email: allan.bailey@ceredigion.gov.uk
Telephone: 01970 633 406

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