Saving through Tumble Dryer Replacements - Flintshire County Council - Llys Gwenfrwd, Croes Atti and Marleyfield Residential Homes

1 Oct 2011 - 12:00am
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The Council's three Residential Homes had electric tumble dryers, for the simple reason that they were cheap to buy when the homes were being refurbished a few years ago. However, it was identified that the use of electric tumble dryers were not cheap to run.

The electric tumble dryers were relatively basic, with a temperature setting control and timer. However, it was observed that it was normal practice to set both the temperature and the timer to their maximum capacity and the dryer left to complete a full cycle. This, on occasion, caused scorching ofthe drying load (sheets, clothes, etc). In addition, most ofthe load would have been dried well before the timer set off. As a consequence, a much large amount of electrical energy than was necessary, was being used. This led to higher electrical expenses, as well as carbon emissions.

Following the identification ofthis issue, the Council subsequently sought suitable alternatives. A local supplier recommended the gas fired units that are now installed in the Residential Homes. These units were selected because they use natural gas, a ‘low carbon fuel‘ which is significantly cheaper per KWh to buy. 

The operating controls also mean that there is less opportunity for the operatives to misuse the dryers because the dryers will switch off automatically when the load reaches a set dryness/humidity level. Hence, the duration of the drying cycle is not dependant on how long it is switched on for, but on the length of time needed to dry the washing.

Name: Les Evans / Will Pierce

Title/role: Energy Conservation Engineerl Energy Manager
Organisation: Llys Gwenfrwd Residential Home
Emails: /
Telephone: 01352 703 767/ 01352 703 137

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