Energy Savings through Boilers and Control - Betsi Cadwaladr University Local Health Board

1 Oct 2011 - 12:00am

The Health Board identified inefficient and unreliable uses of energy at a 4,474m2 Community Hospital. These include heating systems, domestic hot water boilers, fiues, zone control valves and a building management system.

The installation consisted ofthe replacement of existing obsolete conventional gas fired heating / hot water and associated local Steafa control system with:

  • 4 MHS Ultramax PB100 Gas Fired Condensing Boilers
  • 2 Andrews EC380/980 Hot Water Heaters
  • 1 Trend IQ3 BMS Controller with remote access communications
  • The renewal of all pumps and boiler fiue systems were also renewed

The examination and renewal (where required) of zone valves. The technology is simple but effective and the Board is expecting that it will provide robust continuity of service for the next 25 years.

The benefits attached to this initiative are:

  • much improved reliability and control of the internal environment; and
  • carbon savings of 50.42 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

The Board has estimated the payback period for the lay-out of funds to be nine years, whereas the capital cost for the project was approximately £71,500 (excluding VAT).

Name: Timothy Brimblecombe
Title/role: Energy Officer
Organisation: Betsi Cadwaladr University Local Health Board
Telephone: 0771 7300 315

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