Electricity Savings at the International Sports Village - Newport City Council

9 Oct 2011 - 12:00am

The Council's Energy team has introduced a number of energy-saving initiatives within Newport's International Sports Village. The latter is made up of two buildings - one is comprised ofa swimming pool complex, fitness facilities and an indoor tennis centre; whereas and the second building is a Velodrome. These facilities inherently consume large amounts of electricity on air handling, low pressure hot water pumping and lighting loads.

The Energy team hence identified the following areas of energy wastage: With respect to the pool, due to the fact that one pump was insufficient and two pumps provided too high a flow rate, the pool circulation pumps were throttled back (through the usage of isolation valves) so as to achieve the desired flow rate for pool operation.

No humidity control ofthe pool ventilation system was present and hence the ventilation fans operated at a set speed during the day and a reduced speed at night, using the existing inverter drives. There was no control mechanism linking the fan speeds to the conditions in the pool hall. The voltage ofthe electricity supply to the buildings was higher than necessary.

To address these issues, the following modifications were introduced: Variable speed inverter drives were installed on the pool circulation pumps so as to reduce the flow rate to design levels during the day and to further reduce it at night. A humidity sensor was installed into the pool extract air duct, which linked to the building management system and the supply and extract fans for the pool ventilation. This means that the fan speeds can be automatically adjusted to suit the environmental conditions.

Voltage reduction equipment was installed on the incoming electrical supplies Through these relatively straightfonNard measures, Newport's International Sports Village has managed to reduce its annual carbon dioxide emissions by 113,844kg. The Council has estimated the payback period to be just over two years, the capital cost for the project was around £56,000.

Name: Brian Roberts
Title/role: Energy Manager
Organisation: Newport City Council
Email: brian.roberts@newport.gov.uk
Telephone: 0163 3233 050

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