Food for Thought Seminar

14 Sep 2011 - 9:00am
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Alongside the quality of care for patients, hospitals also need to get their catering processes right to ensure that resources are used to best effect. Good nutrition, supporting a speedy recovery, will help reduce lengths of stay.

We undertook local audit work on hospital catering across Wales in the second half of 2011. Hospital catering services are an essential part of patient care because good nutrition plays an important part in aiding patients' recovery when they are in hospital. Patients' mealtime experiences also have a significant bearing on the overall view of their hospital stay.

In the current financial climate, it is important that NHS bodies know what they spend on catering services and that there is the appropriate relationship between cost and quality. Different staff groups need to work together to ensure that patients get a good choice of food and that waste is minimised. Good management information is needed to help plan and improve services and gathering the views of patients and their relatives must be central to this.

You can watch the presenters discussing their contributions to the seminar [Opens in new window].

The seminar brought together over 60 delegates from across NHS Wales with practitioners from different disciplines involved in hospital catering and patient nutrition sharing their experiences to support the delivery of the report's recommendations.

Seminar outline

The seminar will consist of two showcase sessions:

  • Key messages from our audit work
    David Thomas, Wales Audit Office
  • Hospital Catering and Patient Nutrition - Responding to the Challenges
    Denise Richards and Maureen Howell, Welsh Government

And a choice of attending two of the following workshops:

  • Creating a culture where nutritional care is everyone's business
    Rebecca Aylward, Cwm Taf Health Board
  • Working with a fixed daily food cost
    Margaret Rutledge, Aneurin Bevan Health Board
  • Food First, Supplements Second
    Judyth Jenkins, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board
  • Using information more effectively to improve the patient experience and 
    provide better services

    Mark Townsend, Cwm Taf Health Board
    Simon Williams, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

When and where

Wednesday 14 September 2011,
0900 - 1300,
Wales Audit Office, 24 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9LJ.