Good Practice

Our approach

We're committed to improving public services across Wales by identifying and sharing good practice.

This includes:

  • identifying areas of public sector activity in Wales that would most benefit from significant good practice input;  
  • carrying out high quality, global research into good practice in this area and presenting it in an easy to use format; and
  • facilitating the transfer and implementation of good practice with the Welsh public sector bodies. 

Facilitated implementation - as part of our approach to proactively supporting the implementation of good practice we adopt two broad approaches:

  • Direct support - Our staff work directly with public sector bodies to help them access and understand the good practice opportunities available to them. We have delivered this approach for example  in managing sickness absence in local government and Fire and Rescue services.
  • Shared Learning Seminars - We bring a range of public sector bodies together to share their practical experiences and learning.  The first round of seminars in Autumn 2007 acted as an opportunity to discuss the solutions to some of the barriers identified and encouraged the sharing of knowledge and experiences.  Feedback from delegates showed the benefit of sharing knowledge and experiences across different public sectors.

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