Our Annual Report and Accounts – helping make public money count

19 Jun 2017 - 9:59am

We take a look back at our year’s work

We have successfully delivered our programme of work laid out in our Annual Plan for 2016-17. Our broad remit of work saw us provide opinions on the accounts of nearly 800 public bodies in Wales and publishing 15 national reports.

Alongside the full Annual Reports and Accounts, as laid before the National Assembly, we have also created a shorter, interactive summary [opens in new window] to highlight the important messages and give you an overview of the years’ work.

There are three main parts to the summary:

  • Our work – Some highlights of the audit work we’ve done over the last year;
  • Our performance – A rundown of how we performed against a suite of key indicators;
  • Our use of resources – An outline of how we have managed our resources and run the business